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Bixe Aluminum Toddler Balance Bike Lightweight 12?? No-Pedal Training Bike for Kids, Blue

Bixe Aluminum Toddler Balance Bike Lightweight 12?? No-Pedal Training Bike for Kids, Blue

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Ready to teach your child how to ride a bike?

A good kids balance bike is a fantastic starting point for that. Maintaining equilibrium is the primary concept one must learn to ride a bicycle without training wheels . and starting early with a toddler bike goes a long way for that to come easier naturally.

Our no-pedal training bike is a great transition bike for kids . and it’s safe . too! This toddler balance bike has been rigorously tested with larger children . plus it’s a true standout in durability. Each clamp is tamper-proof . with both wheels equipped with safety washers.

Introduce your little one to the beautiful world of cycling with the Bixe Aluminum Toddler Balance Bike!

With our toddler bicycle . you’re choosing a kids balance bike that’s well-made and practical. Its aluminum frame . which weighs only 4 lbs. . makes this balance bike for kids easy for little cyclists to practice balancing skills without training wheels.

Adjust our 12 inch bike to the exact measurements your child needs for a comfy ride. The seat can be set as low as 11 inches from the ground all the way to 17 inches . while the handlebars range from 20 to 24 inches in height. Our balance bike is suitable for kids between the ages 2 and 5 years old.

This 12 inch bike is not difficult to set up either . as it comes partially assembled with all components of the kids bicycle securely attached. Just slide the seat and handlebars in the right position for your child and clamp it down with the wrench provided and you’re all set. Great gift for every child!

Teach your kid a valuable life skill while having fun with a nice kids bicycle. Add the Bixe Aluminum Toddler Balance Bike to your cart today!

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