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Deep Cycle Lithium RV Battery Group Size 27 Replaces Optima D27M 8027-127 Bluetop 900CCA

Deep Cycle Lithium RV Battery Group Size 27 Replaces Optima D27M 8027-127 Bluetop 900CCA

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Banshee marine batteries Replaces D27M 8027-127 900CCA Group 27 900CCA and can be used in both parallel and series for 24V . 36V . or 48V applications. These batteries must use only lithium-ion LiFeP04 chargers with this battery. Banshee batteries group 34M marine . RV . solar application LifePo4 lithium ion battery there is nothing like it. There are so many things about this new lightweight super powered battery to describe . but we are gonna try. If you’re into boating . sailing . fishing . RV . or anything outdoors and you need power . Banshee has you covered. Our new super lightweight lithium ion LifePo4 battery is 1/3 the weightand has 3xs the life. Here are the highlights; CCA – 900 . If you’re boating or fishing and 900CCA won’t get you started . it’s too cold to be boating or fishing. Go home. Emergency start – If you ever accidentally run the battery down it has an emergency start function to get you home . and yes . it will recover. Dual terminal marine posts -Yes . real dual terminal marine posts – just like every other marine battery made since 1930. No need for adapters. Lightweight -Weighs 60% less than typical AGM or lead batteries. Extended life cycle – lasts 3X longer than AGM or SLA batteries. Additional features/details high power BMS ??Battery Management System?? -This will protect the battery from being overcharged . discharged or evenshort-circuiting. This feature regulates the amount of power being utilized and serves as an automatic shut-off system to protect the lithium-ion LiFeP04 cells. Green Energy -Non toxic . no acid . no lead. It’s not a Battery . It’s a Banshee

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