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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Rise of Domo 76156

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Rise of Domo 76156

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Rise of Domo 76156

With LEGO Marvel Rise of Domo (76156) . kids can explore the detailed interior of the Eternals’ spaceship before re-enacting the final battle between 6 superhero minifigures and 2 evil Deviants. Spaceship building toy and superhero battles If you’re looking for a new toy for a child . they’ll love this spaceship battle playset. Kids can join 6 Eternals – Makkari . Ikaris . Thena . Sersi . Druig and Phastos – to explore their incredible spaceships. 3 sides can be opened to access the cockpit . weapons room . laboratory and more. When the evil leader of the Deviants arrives with an accomplice . kids need to use the spaceship to defeat the Deviants!

If you’re buying this for a minifigure fan . this LEGO playset is the only set to include the Druig and Phastos minifigures! Marvel Studios Eternals playsets – The best superhero toys LEGO Marvel Eternals building toys are action play sets packed with awesome minifigures that spark little imaginations and are ideal as Christmas and birthday gifts. – The LEGO Marvel Rise of Domo (76156) building toy takes kids inside the Eternals’ spaceship . then lets them play out endless battles between superhero minifigures and Deviant creatures. – Includes 6 minifigures – Makkari . Ikaris . Thena . Sersi . Thena . Sersi and . exclusive to this set . Druig and Phastos . 2 Deviant action figures including the Deviant leader Kro . a spaceship . weapons and accessories. – Kids use their superhero skills in the final battle between the Eternals and the Deviants.

The Eternals’ spaceship . with its detailed interior . makes imaginative play this extraordinary! – Looking for a superhero toy for kids? This LEGO Marvel Eternals playset is a great Christmas or birthday gift for kids aged 8+ with 6 cool minifigures and 2 Deviant action figures. – Featuring the Eternals’ 22cm tall spaceship . LEGO Marvel Eternals Rise of Domo gives kids imaginative superhero action of epic proportions and looks incredible in the nursery. – This easy-to-build toy features simple . clear instructions that allow kids to build and play with Eternals superhero playsets in no time and enjoy maximum creative fun.

LEGO Marvel Eternals toys put the action and adventure of the new superhero film in kids’ hands! The imaginative role-playing adventures never end with cool collectible characters. – LEGO building toys meet strict industry standards . so they’re consistent and compatible . fitting and releasing perfectly every time – and have been since 1958. – LEGO bricks are dropped . heated . crushed . bent and analysed to ensure your child’s building toy meets strict safety and quality standards. Suitable for children 8 years and older.

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