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LEGO Super Heroes Knowhere Escape Mission

LEGO Super Heroes Knowhere Escape Mission

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Team up with Groot and Rocket Raccoon to plot an escape from Knowhere! They’ve discovered the rare orb in the mining fields . only to be ambushed by the bad guys in this LEGO Knowhere Escape Mission. Evade shots from the huge bazooka assembled by the Sakaaran and the evil Nebula and return fire with Rocket Raccoon’s custom space blaster. Leap into action with the gigantic posable Groot to confront the sword-wielding Nebula in this LEGO Super Heroes set. Launch a fierce counter-attack so Rocket Raccoon can get away in the mining pod with the precious orb in its grabbing claw! Kids’ toy set includes three minifigures with assorted weapons: Rocket Raccoon . Nebula and the Sakaaran . plus Groot figure.

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