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PRGR Black Pocket Golf Launch Monitor HS-130A (2021 Model)

PRGR Black Pocket Golf Launch Monitor HS-130A (2021 Model)

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Launch monitors can help you shoot lower scores with the golf swing and equipment you have right now because they show how far you TRULY hit the ball with each club . but most are crazy expensive . big/bulky . require apps/downloads and the cheap ones are often inaccurate. The new PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor is inexpensive . super-accurate it uses Doppler Radar . and is incredibly easy to use. It’s battery-powered ?C just turn it on . place it on the ground . and hit after following instructions. You’ll see your swing speed . ball speed . smash factor . and distance with each club carry and total. Additional features: Automatic Shut-off to preserve battery. Works for Right and Left Handers. Keeps a history of your most recent 500 swings and measurements. Can measure your club head speed on practice swings. Weighs only 4. 4 ounces with batteries included that’s lighter than average smartphone . Simple – gives you only the key stats you need. Works with other sports you or your loved ones play including tennis . baseball pitch speed and bat speed . soccer . and hockey.

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