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Rev. Lang Cold Ice Pack Contoured Wave Cooler for Breast Milk Bottle Bags (8.3*3.9*2inch, Set of 4 Pcs??

Rev. Lang Cold Ice Pack Contoured Wave Cooler for Breast Milk Bottle Bags (8.3*3.9*2inch, Set of 4 Pcs??

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Why did you choose our Ice Pack?
The contoured shape can hold six breast milk bottles . all your bottles will stay in direct contact with the cool pack and ensure that they stay cold. Ideal for preserving cool food and drinks(soda .beers or carbonated drinks) during camping . barbecues .school .party. Unlike your everyday ice pack . the Double-Sided Can Cooler is designed to ensure that each can stays cool and secure. Each of the cooler’s six contours keeps any canned drink snug and cold for hours! Just put it in your freezer until the liquid inside is completely frozen . then set it in your mile bottle bag and lunchbox . insulated tote bag . or cooler and let the clever Double-Sided design do the rest.
A wide range of application scenarios:
You can use them in your gym bag . diaper bag . insulin case or picnic basket and take them to the beach . school . work . camping . gym or anywhere you like. Pack your favorite meals . dairy snacks . beverages and more with complete confidence that they will stay cold throughout the day.
Excellent performance:
The Ice Packs have a freezing point of 28 deg F . which makes them uniquely suited for keeping beer or any other beverage at its coldest point possible. They are also reusable for a lifetime . making them a very economical choice. The performance is 50% longer than an equal weight of ice would last alone.
A healthy lifestyle:
Rev.Lang offers innovative and convenient solutions to make it easier to eat healthier at work . at school . and on the go. We make it easier for the family to eat healthy wherever you go with reusable containers . insulated lunch bags . insulated totes & much more.These ice packs are easy to clean. Simply hand wash . dry . and return to the freezer.The material is 100% recyclable polypropylene.

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