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SUGIFT Electric Pressure Washer 14.5-Amp 3300PSI Max 2 GPM Max

SUGIFT Electric Pressure Washer 14.5-Amp 3300PSI Max 2 GPM Max

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Pressure Washing Makes Cleaning A Whole Lot of Fun

Are you tired of scrubbing or feel that your deck needs more help than you can provide? Are you Still cleaning your patio and sidewalks using a garden hose? The SUGIFT electric pressure washer is durable and reliable . designed for the toughest cleaning of patios . decks . driveways . house siding and all the dirt . grime . mold . etc. SUGIFT electric pressure washer gets your dirty work done and will make your life a whole lot easier. Everything would shine out and the cleaning chore will be done several     times faster.

  1. Specifications:
  2. Max Pressure: 3300PSI (Rated 2600PSI)
  3. Max Flow: 2GPM (Rated 1.6GPM)
  4. Rated Power: 1800W
  5. Hose length: 26ft
  6. Cord length: 35ft
  7. Mains Voltage: 110-V120V
  8. Main Frequency: 60HZ
  9. Max Water Temperature:40??F
  10. IP Rating: IPX5
  11. Sound pressure level: 87??3DB??A??
  12. Net Weight: 20.7lb

Safety Tips:A pressure washer is a great cleaning tool if used properly and safely when using your pressure washer.Never point the gun at any person or pet . and Never allow children to play around with a pressure washer when it is in use.

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