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XS Power D5100 3100 Amp AGM Power Cell Car Audio Battery + Terminal Hardware

XS Power D5100 3100 Amp AGM Power Cell Car Audio Battery + Terminal Hardware

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XS Power D5100DescriptionThe XS Power 12-Volt AGM Performance battery is a six cell . sealed-valve regulated . lead-acid battery. Sealed-valve regulated . lead- acid(VRLA) batteries are manufactured in two types . gel-cell and AGM(Absorbent Glass Mat). The key difference is how the electrolyte is suspended between the lead plates. AGM batteries such as the XS Power 12-Volt AGM Performance Batteries . use a fibrous material to suspend all liquid electrolyte against the plates. Even if the case were ruptured . no acid would leak. In contrast . gel-cell batteries suspend the electrolyte in a gel form and are not necessarily leakproof.General Features:TYPE: 12V BCI Group 51R AGM BatteryMAX Amps: 3100ALength: 9.04″Height: 8.19″Width: 5.43″M6 Terminal Hardware Included NOTE: 5100 is standard polarity; 5100R is reverse polarityXS Power D5100Care of XS Power 12-V AGM BatteryCharge voltage is not to exceed 14.4V total for extended periods of time.(5min. max)*The charger used MUST HAVE an automatic shut-off. *Some AGM chargers may climb to a maximum voltage of 15.5VDC for a short period of time(usually less than 5min.) but will resume charging at or near 14.4VDC??.3VDC for the duration of the charge cycle. If you are unsure of your chargers capabilities . contact the manufacturer of the charger

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